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City Council Minutes for April 19, 2016




April 19, 2016

The City Council of Forrest City, Arkansas, met in regular session on April 19, 2016. Mayor Bryant called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Alderman Williams offered prayer after which the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The following answered roll call: Mayor Bryant, Clerk Cochran, Attorney Cline, and City Council members: Williams, Echols, Hollowell, Breeding, Twillie, Capps, and Oswalt. Alderman Fields was absent.

Alderman Oswalt made a motion to approve the minutes of April 5, 2016 regular meeting. Motion second by Alderman Twillie. Roll Call: All Ayes.








City Wide Cleanup

Mayor Bryant mentioned during the last meeting a city wide cleanup by Ward during the month of May. He said he would send the entire solid waste department into each Ward for one week.

Alderman Breeding asked if there would be a roll off in that Ward for that week. Mayor Bryant said no, it would be a roll off at the city shop.

Mayor Bryant had Mr. Talley of the newspaper pull the Wards from the hat as follows: Ward-3,

Ward-2, Ward-4, and Ward-1 the cleanup would be in that order.

Fire Sub-Station

Alderman Capps stated at the last council meeting, he asked Attorney Cline to review Murdock Construction’s contract and let the council know what the options are under general conditions.

Attorney Cline apologized that he did not get around to reviewing the contract, but he did ask for one more meeting and he would get it done.

Alderman Capps made a statement about no inspection of Fire Station #2’s construction to city council. He also stated that since the council did not receive inspections on the building upon construction, he put in form of a motion that the city council have an inspection done on structural steel and the concrete to insure that the citizens of Forrest City receive exactly what their tax dollar is being used for.

Second by Alderman Hollowell.

Discussion, Alderman Williams stated that the city has an architect over the construction of the fire sub-station. He stated that he had concerns because each time the architect comes before the council, which is on a consistent basis and each time the question is asked, how the project is going, everything is going accordingly.

Alderman Breeding stated if there are no problems or questions with the architect, engineer, and contractor over this project, he does not know why they would fear an inspection by an independent inspector.

Alderman Capps stated he had checked with three different independent certified inspectors, the rate is $68.00 per hour with a minimum fee of $300.00 plus dollars a trip; he said the city could put a limit of $1,000.00 on the fire sub-station for an inspection to protect a $640,000 investment.

Alderman Echols asked Alderman Capps if he had someone in mind.

Alderman Capps said yes, a person from Memphis. He said he asked for his rates, qualifications, and certifications and they were sent.

Alderman Echols then asked Alderman Capps the knowledge of this gentleman, recommended by whom, and what company he is representing.

April 19, 2016 Minutes cont.

Alderman Capps stated the knowledge comes from the construction site he is working on and the company is World Testing of Tennessee.

Alderman Breeding asked Attorney Cline if there were any legal reason that the city council could not ask for an independent inspection as a council over this project.

Attorney Cline stated if there is, it would be the wording of the contract under general conditions.

Mayor Bryant stated he has an April 8th letter from the architect Dave Hodges in regards to Triple G doing the dirt work. He said a compaction moister content test has been scheduled by Mid Continental Lab once the weather is clear. Mayor Bryant stated that Paul Gunn and Mid Continental Lab had made several visits to the station to prepare the dirt work.

Mayor Bryant stated his concerns would be if an independent inspection was done for this project, then the council would have to do independent inspections for all projects to come; Mayor Bryant did say there were inspections done but no pictures were taken.

Mayor Bryant then said he thought the council should wait before voting to give Attorney Cline an opportunity to get and review the information he did not have; then if the council wants to vote then they would have Attorney Cline’s statement and information.

Alderman Capps said he disagreed, he did not see how waiting one or two more weeks would change the outcome on the inspections.

Attorney Cline then stated, that the question is not if the council has the right to order an independent inspection or whether or not there is enough information. The question is does the council has the contractual right under general conditions to do the independent inspection.

After further discussion Roll Call: Alderman Williams, Twillie, Breeding, Oswalt, and Echols All Nays. Alderman Hollowell and Capps All Ayes.

Mayor Bryant stated that Attorney Cine would look at the general conditions in the contract and get back to the city council.

Alderman Breeding stated he would like to revisit the situation after the attorney’s review.


Food Truck Ordinance

Alderman Oswalt stated he had a food truck ordinance prepared, but since it was not in the council’s package, he would give the council an opportunity to read over the ordinance and address it at the next meeting.

Summer Youth Programs

Mayor Bryant stated the city has city pride, but there is other funds that the city could hire some youth to clean up and revitalize the old Ride-out facility; the funds would come from the Solid Waste fund.

Alderman Williams asked how many youth and how many weeks.

Mayor Bryant stated ten to twenty youth for five weeks.

Alderman Echols asked the age of the youth and if there were qualifications.

Mayor Bryant stated sixteen and up and have to be in school, but he did say he would look into it and give the council the information.


Alderman Oswalt made a motion to approve and pay the General Fund bills totaling $23,165.10. Alderman Twillie second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Alderman Hollowell made a motion to approve and pay the Street Fund bills totaling $4,485.14. Alderman Breeding second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Alderman Breeding made a motion to approve and pay the Solid Waste fund bills totaling $30,236.99. Alderman Hollowell second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.

April 19, 2016 Minutes cont.

Forrest City Water Utility

Alderman Echols made a motion to approve and pay Water Utility bills in the amount of $19,154.06. Second by Alderman Oswalt. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Mayor Bryant stated there was a public hearing here today in regards to Jane Bryant grant for the police department in the amount of $11,000 present were the news media, Glynis, and Chief Lee.

Mayor Bryant gave the council information on the therapeutic pool design. He said the configuration for the pool was changed due to not having enough money. Mayor Bryant then passed around the new pool drawings for the council to review.

Alderman Breeding asked the amount of money available for the project.

Mayor Bryant stated around $3,299,900 and plus a part of the one-fourth cent recreation tax.

Alderman Breeding then asked did the company give the anticipated cost of the pool.

Mayor Bryant stated 4.5 million dollars.

Alderman Breeding then asked where the additional money is coming from.

Mayor Bryant said part of the money will come from the one fourth park sales tax and the rest from the bond issue.

Breeding stated none of the money will come from the general fund. Mayor Bryant said only the one fourth park sales tax.

Alderman Twillie made a motion to adjourn at 6:31 p.m. Second by Alderman Fields.


Larry Bryant, Mayor


Derene Cochran, City Clerk-Treasurer

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