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City Council Minutes for June 7, 2016




June 7, 2016

The City Council of Forrest City, Arkansas met in regular session on June 7, 2016. Mayor Bryant called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Alderman Fields offered prayer after which the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The following answered roll call: Mayor Bryant, Records Clerk Manning. Attorney Cline, and City Council members: Echols, Fields, Hollowell, Breeding, Capps, and Oswalt. Alderman Williams, Twillie, and Clerk Cochran were absent.

Before approval of the last minutes, Alderman Oswalt asked Mayor Bryant if they had discussed if the council needed to do an ordinance or resolution to change the civic center rates. Mayor Bryant stated no, but the council needed to do one and add the multipurpose center rates as well.

Alderman Oswalt made a motion to approve the minutes of May 17, 2016 regular meeting. Alderman Capps second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes, Alderman Breeding—Abstained




Civic Center

Mr. Gaines was not present because he was on vacation. Mayor Bryant read a statement from Mr. Gaines regarding his June Report. (See Attached)

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Vaughn reported that under new construction the duplex on Happy Hollow is 65 percent completed, the property at 3895 Hwy 1 is 20 percent completed, the new Meadows Apartments are 65 percent completed. The condemnations have been rescheduled to August 2, 2016. Property that was demolished last month was 308 Farr St. and 836 Division (Old Forrest City School Building) is currently being torn down. Alderman Capps asked CEO Vaughn if a building permit was bought regarding the old school. CEO Vaughn stated that a $25.00 demo permit had been bought.

CEO Vaughn addressed the council by asking who the president was over the personnel committee. Alderman Oswalt stated that he was the chairman of the personnel committee. He also stated that CEO Vaughn had requested to come before the personnel committee to ask for additional personnel. Alderman Oswalt asked if the new position should be brought up in the budget committee first to be budgeted then come to the personnel committee. Alderman Echols, who is the chairman of the budget committee, stated that it should come to the budget committee first. Alderman Breeding, who is also on the committee, agreed with Alderman Echols, that it should come before the budget committee first, then the personnel committee, before it comes to the full council. CEO Vaughn asked when the next budget committee meeting was scheduled so she could be placed on the agenda. Alderman Breeding stated that it would be after the next council meeting, two weeks from this day. Vaughn asked if could be placed on the agenda. Alderman Echols said yes.

Fire Department

Interim Chief Renigar reported that on the fire sub-station they are putting in the ceiling on the bottom floor and everything is moving forward, hopefully by the end of the week they will have that process completed and lay the tile on the floor. One firetruck is in the shop getting minor repairs done. Everything else is up and running. Alderman Capps asked if they were through painting inside. Interim Chief Renigar stated that 95 percent of the painting has been done. After the ceiling tile and floor tile is completed, they will be installing the kitchen cabinets. Alderman Capps asked Interim Chief Renigar if he was satisfied with the painting. Renigar replied that the painting looked good. Alderman Capps expressed concerns regarding the painting of the fire sub-station.

Park & Recreation

Mr. Taylor was not present due to activity at the park. Mayor Bryant read a statement from Mr. Taylor regarding his June Report. (See Attached) Alderman Capps asked how many children are enrolled in the City Pride summer program. Mayor Bryant stated that the numbers fluctuate.

June 7, 2016 Minutes Cont.

Police Department

Chief Deon Lee stated everything at the police department is going well. He then gave his report. (See Attached) In the report, Chief Lee stated that 8 guns were confiscated brings the total for the year to 34. Alderman Capps asked what happens to the confiscated guns. Chief Lee stated that if it is a gun that they can use, they issue a request to the Judge to have it issued to the police department. The guns that cannot be used are destroyed.

Public Works

Mr. Rooks stated the month of May cleanup went pretty good. The compost site was opened this past weekend. All the equipment is up and running. Mr. Rooks asked the council for permission to purchase a 2005 Peterbuilt tri-axle dump truck for Public Works. Alderman Breeding asked what the price of the truck was. Mr. Rooks stated $85,000.00. Breeding asked what would be the primary use for the vehicle. Mr. Rooks stated that it would be used in hauling milling and gravel. Alderman Capps expressed concerns regarding the miles, warranty and tires. Mayor Bryant stated the tires are good and the warranty is for a year. After further discussion, Mayor Bryant stated the money would come out of the street fund. Attorney Cline stated that it is over $20,000.00. Mayor Bryant stated that regarding used equipment, he had checked at the conference that they did not have to suspend any rules or anything. Bryant further stated that he wanted to hold it until the council approved the purchase. Then they could work through the paperwork. Bryant also made reference to how the county purchased used equipment. Alderman Capps asked how the motor was. Mr. Rooks stated that it was rebuilt.

Alderman Breeding asked Mr. Rooks how long Cranor Dr. will be a one way street. Mr. Rooks explained the reason for the street being made a one way street which included it needing repair work done. Mayor Bryant answered Breeding question by stating that it will be fixed within three weeks or a month depending on the weather.

Water Department

Mr. Murdock presented the city council with a monthly report for the Forrest City Water Utility on customer payment report, customer cut offs/ locks and pulls for the month of May. Mr. Murdock’s report included an update on the FCWU Capital Expenditure Budget 2016 that was approved on May 3rd, Email correspondence for Clark Cotton of Arkansas Public Service Commission, FCWU June newsletter and an article from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. (See Attached) Mr. Murdock stated that a copy of the May’s financial statement can be found in the Mayor’s office. Mr. Murdock stated that in the email from Clark Cotton, who is the chief engineer with the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC), Mr. Cotton wants to schedule a time to come down and look at the actual sites for the solar array. When the meeting is scheduled, the council has the opportunity to attend and ask any necessary questions. Mr. Cotton will want to know which city buildings the energy produced from the solar array will be used to offset the energy bills that we now get from Entergy and Woodruff. Alderman Oswalt asked Mr. Murdock if a grant was not applied for regarding the solar array and if so, was it approved. Mr. Murdock stated yes, the grant was applied for and that it is still in the process. Alderman Oswalt asked if it was a part of the email form APSC. Mr. Murdock stated that it was a part of the application for the petition to raise the net metering tariff. After further explanation, Alderman Oswalt asked if approved, how much the project will cost. Mr. Murdock stated the current estimate is between six and a half to seven million dollars. Oswalt ask if the city doesn’t get the grant, does it stop the project. Mr. Murdock said that it would be up to the council to decide.

Alderman Oswalt asked Mr. Murdock if he or anyone at the Water Department received any calls concerning a house on A Street. Mr. Murdock stated he did not. Oswalt asked for Mr. Murdock to check department records regarding the problems on A Street and what was done in order to fix the problems and be prepared to discuss it at the next council meeting.

Alderman Echols made a motion that the council suspend the requirement for the directors and/or department heads from coming before the council on a monthly basis, to coming before the council on a quarterly basis. In addition, should there be a need for a particular director to come before us, we would notify the Mayor and he would notify that employee prior to the minutes being mailed, that person will come before the council. Alderman Oswalt second the motion. After discussion, Roll Call: All Ayes.



June 7, 2016 Minutes Cont.


Food Truck Ordinance

Attorney Cline read for the third reading An Ordinance Establishing Operating Procedures for Portable Food Trucks: Declaring an Emergency and For Other Purposes sponsored by Alderman Oswalt.

Alderman Oswalt made a motion to adopt the ordinance. Alderman Capps second the motion. Discussion, Alderman Fields asked questions regarding the out of town vendors, collection of the annual fee and the enforcement of the ordinance. Alderman Oswalt stated that if it is a festival the person, who set up the festival, will be responsible for the food truck vendors getting their permits. If it is an individual, who comes into town to set up, the individual must go to the City Clerk’s Office to get the permit and follow the rules listed in the ordinance. The ordinance will be enforced like any other ordinance. Alderman Breeding stated that the Police Department or the Code Enforcement will enforce the ordinance. If the food truck vendor doesn’t have a permit, they will be shut down. After discussion, which included recognizing Marcus Freeman who had concerns regarding the ordinance, Roll Call: Alderman Echols, Fields, Hollowell, Capps, Breeding, and Oswalt—All Ayes.

Alderman Oswalt made a motion to adopt the Emergency Clause. Alderman Fields second the motion. Roll Call: Alderman Echols, Fields, Hollowell, Capps, Breeding, and Oswalt—All Ayes.

An Ordinance to Increase Mosquito Control Rates was sponsored by Alderman Echols. Attorney Cline read for the first reading the ordinance in its entirety.


A & P Commission Appointment

Alderman Hollowell stated that the A & P Commission recommended the appointment of Hanna McMahan to the A & P Commission. Alderman Hollowell made the motion to approve the recommendation. Alderman Breeding second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Alderman Hollowell made a motion to approve and pay the General Fund bills totaling $56, 796.53. Alderman Breeding second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Alderman Oswalt made a motion to approve and pay the Street Fund bills totaling $4,172.64. Alderman Echols second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Alderman Echols made a motion to approve and pay the Solid Waste fund bills totaling $27,969.13. Alderman Fields second the motion. Roll Call: All Ayes.


Alderman Oswalt stated there was a correction on the Water Utility bills. The O’Reilly’s Auto Parts bill should be $203.22 bringing the total to $81,946.69 with one invoice not listed. Alderman Oswalt ask the Mayor to check and see if that invoice not listed has been paid. Motion made by Alderman Oswalt to pay Forrest City Water Utility bills Second by Alderman Fields. Roll Call: All Ayes.



Alderman Echols made a motion to adjourn at 6:50 p.m. Second by Alderman Fields.


Larry Bryant, Mayor


Donna Manning, Records Clerk

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