City of Forrest City
January 30, 2015

Special Called Meeting Minutes for January 30, 2015

The City Council of Forrest City, Arkansas, met in a Special Called Meeting on January 30, 2015. Mayor Bryant called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. The following were present: Mayor Bryant, Clerk Cochran, and City Council Members: Williams, Hollowell, Echols, Capps, Breeding, Fields, Oswalt, and Twillie.

Attorney Cline was absent.

Mayor Bryant said Attorney Cline prepared a resolution to pass the 2015 budget, but it did not have any figures in it. He said he prepared the same resolution with figures in included. Mayor Bryant stated that the city council of Forrest City approves revenues and expenditures equal to those in the 2014 budget. It was added with the city water budget included along with a fifty cent (.50) per hour raise for all city employees to take effect January 1, 2015.

Alderman Capps read A Resolution Authorizing And Adopting A Budget For The City Of Forrest City For 2015 Alderman Twillie made a motion to adopt the resolution. Second by Alderman Oswalt.

Alderman Hollowell asked if the 2015 budget included the year-end bonuses. Alderman Breeding said no; if city employees chose to manage their time and equipment better, at the end of the year bonuses may be possible.

Alderman Hollowell asked if the council has gone over the water department budget.

Mayor Bryant said the council is adopting the same budget as 2014 which was passed by the water commission.

Alderman Breeding said he would vote to pass the budget with the understanding that the council would look into the city water department budget for 2015.

Roll Call: Alderman Williams, Echols, Capps, Breeding, Fields, Oswalt, and Twillie. All Ayes.

Alderman Hollowell voted No.

Alderman Twillie made a motion to adjourn at 4:38 p.m. Second by Alderman Capps

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