Public Works

The Department of Public Works is made up of 30 employees who help to keep our city clean. The responsibilities of this department include maintaining clean streets, street repair, cleaning ditches, pickup of solid waste from curbs, maintaining street lights, cleaning drainage areas, pest control and more.

Citizens can request large item pickup and special circumstance solid waste pickup by calling the office of Public Works.

Leaves and limbs should be separated and placed on the edge of the property for pickup. Sweeps of the city trucks take place on a regular basis in all areas of the city in order to clear natural waste from the streets in a timely manner.

The department services and repairs all equipment owned by the city such as police cars, fire vehicles, water department vehicles and city park equipment.

Leaf Pickup Crew Leaf Pickup Crew

Employees work across the city removing enormous amounts of leaves during the winter months. They ask that you rake your leaves to the edge of your lawn for pickup keeping them separate from limbs and other solid waste.

Phone: 870-261-1418