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Fire Truck

The Forrest City Fire Department

The Forrest City Fire Department is an all-hazards, combination department that operates from 2 fire stations. Station 1 is in the center of the city of Forrest City, at 300 East Garland and Station 2 is in the northwest part of the city, at 1595 Dawson Rd. The Fire Department is equipped with 4 – Type 1 Fire Engines with extrication, 1 – Type 1 Aerial 100ft Platform Ladder Truck, 1 – Type 1 2000-gal Water Tender, 1 – Hazardous Materials Operations unit, 2 – Water Rescue Boats and 2 – UTV for rescue and fire control. Forrest City Fire Department is very active and provides services for fire suppression, heavy and light vehicle extrication, first responder medical, arson investigations, a hazardous materials operations team with hazardous material technicians, wild land fire suppression, UAV/Drone assets, fire prevention and life safety education to the public. All career FCFD firefighters are IFSAC-accredited FFII, medical first responders, Haz Mat Operations level, and many are certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Fire Instructors, Fire Inspectors, Technical Rescue Technicians, and Hazardous Materials Technician level. Personnel are members of the Arkansas State Firefighter’s Association, and the Arkansas Association of Fire Chiefs.

The Forrest City Fire Department has a Public Protection Classification/ISO class 3 rating. The Department responded to 1,997 incidents in 2022 and 2,330 calls for service in 2021.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Forrest City Fire Department is to serve and protect the citizens of our community with selfless dedication.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Forrest City Fire Department to achieve and maintain an excellent level of readiness for the safety and protection of our citizens.

Fire Department Staff

The Forrest City Fire Department

The Forrest City Fire Department is made up of 24 full-time and 7 part-time firefighters. The Fire Chief, along with the Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction and the CRR Building Inspector work a regular schedule. The remaining twenty-one operational firefighters work a three-shift system, meaning they work 24 hours and are off-duty for 48 hours. Each shift (A, B, C) has seven firefighters assigned to it. Each of the two-fire station is assigned three personnel, a company officer (Captain) and two firefighters. And a Battalion Chief is charged with leading each shift. The part-time firefighters are on call 24/7/365 and responsible for reporting to second alarm activations, scheduled drills and training. Part-time firefighters will function in the same roles as firefighters, when activated.

A Shift

  • Battalion Chief Zakk Jumper

  • S1 Captain Troy Thweatt

  • Firefighter/EMT Keaton Sandage

  • Firefighter Cody Clark

  • S2 Captain Austin Hastings

  • Firefighter Tracey Hill

  • Firefighter Alan Jackson

  • PT Firefighter/Paramedic Steve Yarberry

B Shift

  • Battalion Chief Keith Taylor

  • S1 Captain/Paramedic Chris Ray

  • Firefighter Steven Layne

  • Firefighter/EMT Alexander Heard

  • S2 Captain Justin Sharp

  • Firefighter/EMT Justin Simpson

  • Firefighter/EMT Christopher Newbold

  • PT Firefighter/Chaplain Frank McMillion

C Shift

  • Battalion Chief Jeff Simpson

  • S1 Captain/EMT Cordell Haynes

  • Firefighter Cody Talley

  • Firefighter Jacob McMillon

  • S2 Captain/EMT Carlton Pettus

  • Firefighter Collin White

  • Firefighter Demarcus Hunter

  • PT Firefighter Tony Goodman

  • PT Firefighter Caleb Holiday

Job Posting

The Department is established with the following positions:

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