Forrest City Farmer's Market


In search of fresh vegetable puns at the farmers market?
Lettuce know if you find anything!!!

Farmer's Market

MARKET MISSION STATEMENT: Forrest City Farmers Market was created to give small farmers, craftspersons, bakers and plant growers a local marketplace for their products and to provide the community access to its own producers and craftsmen. 

The Forrest City Farmers Market 
At the farmer’s market you can find fruits ,vegetables eggs and preserves.
Phone: (870) 633-1315

T-shirts are available for purchase!!!!!!


Before snagging some fresh fruit, be sure to grab one of our farmers market bags!

Farmer Market

Forrest City Farmer's Market

A farmers market is a public an recurring assembly of farmers or their representatives selling the food that they produced directly to consumers. Farmers provide our shoppers with the freshest and most flavorful food in their area and local economies. 

Forrest City Civic Center

The Forest City Civic center provides a safe space for our famers and Farmers Market to showcase and sell their products directly to consumers. 

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